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Our Signature Program: Online Mentorship in Yoga Anatomy

For teachers and dedicated yoga students.

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Integrate Anatomy into Your Yoga

Yoga Anatomy Academy’s online mentorship program contains 12 in-depth modules, live chats, home study and group discussions help you to integrate intelligent anatomy into your yoga practice and teaching. Create a sustainable, wise yoga asana practice. 

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Interdisciplinary Approach

Yoga Anatomy Academy takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching yoga anatomy that welcomes practitioners of all styles of yoga. 

Yoga teachers and students alike will grow and learn! 

What makes us different?

Yoga Anatomy Academy is helmed by a doctor of physical therapy, who has treated thousands of patients 1-on-1, has taught yoga for more than 17 years and studied multiple yoga traditions.

Get nuanced, accurate information right here in a supportive, live, community with direct access to a trained medical professional who started her career in yoga (and never left).

How this Works...

Once in the mentorship, you get forever-access to the videos, PDFs, recordings and other materials. (No pressure to finish all at once!) 

Weekly Video Presentations and Live Chats

Every 7 days, a new video presentation is released covering the week’s topic. Join our live webinar calls to clarify, ask new yoga anatomy questions, and receive direct mentorship on your yoga teaching. All sessions will be recorded, so you can review the presentations as many times as needed (forever), join live and / or at a time convenient for you. 

Online Membership Area

Access to an exclusive membership area (Facebook group and other type TBD), perfect for posting your questions in real time as they come up (and getting answers quickly). Search the group history for similar questions previously answered and create rich, ongoing discussions with other members of the Yoga Anatomy Academy tribe. 


Handouts covering each module’s major lecture notes, with bonus material and relevant articles will be shared.


We have a ton of bonuses planned! Audio courses, other video courses, and more. We deeply believe that this mentorship offers extraordinary value as-is. But we also believe in generosity and uplifting of the yoga community. Make sure to get on our newsletter to never miss an enticing bonus offer! 

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12-Week Mentorship Break-Down

A general overview of what topics we’ll cover when.

Pre-Module: The 10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga

This online workshop will prepare you for the modules to come. We will refer to these 10 Principles and be guided by them in our learning and discussion throughout.

Module 1: Introduction and Orientation

Learn basic anatomic terminology, including how to verbally orient to the body when in different positions, the language of movement (internal rotation, extension, etc), and basic understanding of joints and muscle cells. You’ll also learn helpful study hints and ways to integrate the teachings of each module into your body, your practice and your classes.

Module 2: The Spine and the Core

Week 1 covers the basics of the vertebral spine, from a brief overview of the cervical spine (more on that in the Neck Module), to the thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine. This week reveals which segments contribute to which movements and serves as a foundation for more nuanced conversation to come. Also this week, we’ll begin to explore the “core capsule” concept, and how to utilize its principles for more powerful asana practice immediately.

Module 3: SI Joints, Pelvis & Pelvic Floor

Week 2 builds on the core capsule concept, then reviews the anatomy of the sacroiliac joints and the pelvis, going into rich detail about the pelvis’s relationship with the lumbar spine above and the legs below. Learn more about the role of the pelvic floor to a healthy core.

Module 4: Hips

Review the two deepest and biggest joints in the body, how they become vulnerable due to lifestyle or repetitive movement and how healthy habits in these powerful joints can support the knees below and the SI joints and the low back above.

Module 5: Knees

The knees serve as a powerful hinge joint that can propel us forward, but which also need a measure of joint play to adapt, or else be subject to injury. Know the difference between healthy stress to the knee and damaging stress

Module 6: Feet and Ankles

Our feet are our foundation. Get grounded with a deep understanding of the role of our feet and ankles in maintaining balance, supporting healthy knees and backs, absorbing shock, and creating powerful (evidence-based) psychological support during times of stress.

Module 7: Shoulders

When examining yoga injuries, the shoulders are the second-most likely body part to be hurt in yoga asana (the low back is number one). Some common cues about shoulder positioning in yoga asana are just plain unhealthy, and this module explains why.

Module 8: Wrists and Elbows

Yogis place more weight through their hands than most modern movers. The wrists are one of the first body parts to complain. How do we repeatedly put pressure through our hands even though these joints are not designed for weight bearing?

Module 9: The Neck

Returning full circle to the spine, achy necks are a modern plague. Often related to tight shoulders, restricted breathing or low back dysfunction, an achy neck isn’t only a problem in headstand. We’ll discuss the myriad ways in which yoga asana can contribute to or heal neck pain.

Module 10: Respiration and the Nervous System

The nervous system and the power of full breathing and respiration will come up multiple times over this course. This week ties up loose ends to allow full understanding of how the nervous system is more fully a part of our “tight muscles” and our breath patterns than commonly recognized.

Module 11: Fascia

Fascia is a complex network affecting and affected by every system in the body. This frontier of body-mind wellness will be examined and explored through the lens of yoga asana and pranayama.

Module 12: Integration

If there is one thing I’ve learned from leading anatomy workshops for the last 4 years, it’s that there’s always more to learn and there’s never enough time. This week is an intentional opportunity to dive deeper into areas where we need to shine more light and to practice further integrating the knowledge into our bodies, our teachings and our lives.

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Understand anatomy in dynamic application to your teaching or practice

Whether you are a student of yoga or a yoga teacher, our signature mentorship program will unlock the mysteries of the human body in a real and relevant way to keep you practicing and teaching yoga for all the years to come. 

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We hope you won’t hesitate to join the Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship. Learn more about this unique, supportive, online program to enrich your knowledge of yoga anatomy. Once you are in the program, you get forever-access to the videos and recordings. 

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