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Yoga Anatomy Academy brings you no nonsense yoga anatomy education through our signature online yoga anatomy mentorship, other courses, and anatomy-informed yoga classes.


Yoga Anatomy Academy aims to uplift yogis (teachers and practitioners) with a thoughtful, whole heart approach to teaching yoga anatomy. We love making complex, scientific information relevant to your body (and to your classes — if you teach).

We intend to have fun in the process, and to never miss an opportunity for a pun :). 

Learning anatomy for yoga should be easeful and exciting. 

We hold the duality that, though there are global cues helpful to many people, every individual is has their own unique needs and distinct physical build. We do not believe in banishing poses or yoga styles. Instead we aim to shed light on distinguishing between potentially therapeutic components of a practice from those that might harm.

The end result is that you have the tools to decide which are the most medicinal and intelligent poses for you. 


Our founder, Dr. Ariele Foster, is a doctor of physical therapy and has taught yoga since 2001, with more than 1000 hours of yoga teacher trainings completed. She is the creator of the Yoga Journal courses Yoga for 3D Hip Stability and Fascia Release for Yoga, has written for Yoga Journal and graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia in 2018.

Ariele is a prolific teacher, and has taught upwards of 10,000 students over her 2+ decades of teaching. She has treated thousands of patients one-on-one. Ariele is delighted to create the Yoga Anatomy Academy community and to invite you to it.

Join us!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) Mission and Values

Full statement coming soon.

Partial statement: At Yoga Anatomy Academy we are committed to making our evidence-based yoga practice and high level yoga anatomy continuing education economically accessible, and offer most of our programs at a sliding scale rate and / or with scholarship options. We welcome all ages, body sizes, abilities, colors, genders, nationalities, language backgrounds and other diverse perspectives in our programs.