March 31, 2021

Announcing Weekly Livestream Classes – Sliding Scale Rates

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We are so thrilled to announce our new* weekly yoga livestream yoga classes.

After 5 years of blogging and vlogging about some of the missing components of modern postural yoga, we are now doing our part to fill in the gaps.

Current class schedule: 
Mondays: Core Strength
Wednesdays: Mobility, Fascia and Function
Fridays: Hips “Happy” Hour (about building strength)

Drop in to a class at a sliding scale rate (choose what you pay),
– or – purchase a single class after it’s been uploaded
– or – get access to *all* live and recorded classes for a low monthly member rate.  

Ongoing changes in the yoga world sped up in the last year. Economically, so many studios have closed. So many yoga teachers are out of work. So many routines, sadhanas (practices) are disrupted, as the communities that anchored us no longer have an anchor.

We are here to support your sadhana — affordably.

A lot of good questioning is happening in the yoga space right now. Is asana safe? Is it culturally appropriating? Is stretching pointless? Should I even call what I teach yoga anymore? These questions can leave you adrift. 

We are here to ground you in evidence-based movement that begins and ends with centering and yoga philosophy and / or simple meditation. 

So many of us are recovering from injury or work-from-home stiffness and aches or pandemic body blahs (no longer feeling like our old selves).

We invite you rebuild strength (or fortify your routine) with challenging but therapeutic moves in our classes, and to compliment our classes with walks outside or playing fetch with your dog (or however you love to move).

We invite you into a practice consistent with modern movement science and complimentary to modern human life. We invite you to our challenging, but accessible, sliding scale classes that we believe basically the whole world needs

One fun thing about the membership: The full on demand class library – which only members can access – includes 30+ classes (more added weekly), each highlighting a specific muscle, movement or body area so you can search for exactly what you need. Or re-take a class that made you feel oh-so-good. 

Check out the class schedule here (shown in your local time zone). 
Check out the on demand class library here

Post in the comments below what kind of classes your body needs these days.

* Technically these classes started many weeks ago, but we needed time to work out the kinks before making the big announcement. 

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