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WORKSHOP: Way of the Happy Hips (Washington, DC)

October 13, 2019 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT


Sitting is the new smoking….which means we’ve all got some work to (un)do.

Tight and weak muscle patterns (ahem…psoas) become embedded into our bodies through furniture and lifestyle. Often these patterns follow us onto the yoga mat, no matter how many sun salutations we do.

Discover specific ways to move your hips mindfully on the mat to unlock hip flexors and awaken hip stabilizers. Dive into the deep world of “hip healthcare” including rotational strength, joint centricity, stabilization, muscular activation and so much more.

From tight hip flexors to the distance between your knees and the floor in cross-legged, explore and play with movement-science informed ways to enhance true, sustainable mobility (openness + strength) in this pivotal part of your body.

Guided by a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher, you will get to know the muscles surrounding your hips, understand the role of the hips in balance and core stability, and find new levels of ease and freedom in yoga asana.

This workshop is all levels and is designed for anyone who sits for any length any day of the week, for cyclists, for runners, for truckers, and of course, for yogis. 

Your teacher, Ariele, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of, a long time yoga teacher, and an advocate for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. For more information on Ariele, see or