ONLINE WORKSHOP: Lumbar Spine, SI Joints and Pelvis

Registration coming soon!  Lumbar Spine, SI joints and Pelvis: an online workshop with Dr. Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT 500, founder of This workshop is designed to elevate the anatomic and biomechanical understanding of yoga teachers and practitioners in a practical and functional way. – Learn the bones and joint structure as well as […]

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Hips Yoga Anatomy for Strength and Mobility – Dr. Ariele Foster

Hip opening is the most popular request of yoga teachers. Does what we do on the yoga mat make sense with our anatomy?  Tight and weak muscle patterns become embedded into our bodies through furniture, lifestyle and more. These patterns don't ONLY follow us onto the yoga mat (no matter how many sun salutations we […]


Fascia, Mobility + Movement Class [LIVESTREAM, by donation]

Donation-based class featuring fascia release, natural movement and a hint of yoga with physical therapist, yogi and founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, Dr. Ariele Foster. This inclusive, all levels yoga-inspired fascia release and mobility practice is the reset you didn't even know you needed. Grab a tennis ball, pinkie ball, or fancier myofascial release tool […]


FREE Webinar “Hip Stability is the New Hip Opening”

Hip stability is one of the most fundamental components of hip health. Are we chasing it away with all our hip opening? Join Ariele Foster, doctor of physical therapy and longtime yoga teacher, for a FREE session on how to bring hip health back onto the yoga mat. This is a sneak preview for Ariele's […]

Movement Anatomy Mastery – Free Online Symposium


Movement Anatomy Mastery is a free online summit with 20 leaders over 3 days. Join Dr. Ariele Foster, founder of, physical therapist and yoga teacher of 20 years, on Tuesday Dec 1 in this free online event. We will be giving away some gifts and goodies, so you won't regret signing up. here's the […]

SOLE-Stice – Treat Your Feet Class (Sliding Scale)


An hour of foot health-care in honor of the Sole-stice (see what we did there?). Learn some of the best foot exercises on the planet in this one hour class with physical therapist and yoga teacher Dr. Ariele Foster. We will be practicing: Bunion correctives Arch uplifters Foot intrinsic strengtheners Achilles lengtheners Ankle empowerers ...and […]

Core Strength Practice (NEW weekly class!)


Core Strength Yoga Taught by Dr. Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT 500+ Starts Monday, Jan 25, 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM (repeats every week on Monday) at Zoom hosted by Ariele Foster Register here. All cores welcome! Fortify your core in this challenging (yet all levels!) yoga (and pilates-inspired) 1 hour class. Props: You will […]

Way of the Happy Fascia [ONLINE WORKSHOP]


"As a physical therapist, I believe EVERYONE should know the basics of self-myofascial release. It is an essential part of whole body self-care and getting ahead of injury." - Dr. Ariele Foster Join Dr. Ariele Foster, physical therapist, yoga teacher and founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy for an evening of self-myofascial “release”. Self-myofascial "release" (we […]


Posterior Chain Awakening [BY DONATION SPECIAL CLASS]

A special Saturday class sponsored by KiraGrace. This class is all about strengthening and "Awakening" your glutes, hamstrings, calves and posterior body in general. Who is this class for? Anyone with regular asana, mindful movement or exercise practice who would like to learn strengthening moves for their back body. What do I need for class? […]

Free – $15

SOLEstice Treat Your Feet [ONLINE WORKSHOP]


An hour of foot health-care in honor of the SOLE-stice (see what we did there?). Learn some of the best foot strengthening exercises on the planet in this one hour class with physical therapist and yoga teacher Dr. Ariele Foster. We will be practicing:Bunion correctivesArch upliftersFoot intrinsic strengthenersAchilles lengthenersAnkle empowerers…and more! These moves are the […]

$15 – $35

Happiness and Resilience on the Mat: Neuroscience Implications for Yoga and Meditation [ONLINE WORKSHOP]


Neuroscience research has revealed evidence-based techniques that bolster happiness and resilience. These techniques have implications for the practices of yoga and meditation. Join Chanda to learn neuroscience-informed micro practices that work with our brains to better our sense of wellbeing. Instructor Bio Chanda, E-RYT-500,  YACEP, has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001 and has […]