Frequently Asked Questions – Online Studio

Do you have an app for your online studio?

Yes! Our studio runs on a software called Momence by Ribbon Experiences. Please find the direct link on Apple devices here: ; and on Android devices in the Google Play store here:

What styles of yoga are instructed in your studio?

Our classes could be categorized as challenging-but therapeutic, pilates-inspired hatha yoga.

We typically center with a brief meditation, close with meditation or savasana, and take a no-BS, anatomically-informed approach to everything in the center. For example, if we teach Warrior II pose, you won’t hear cues to “square your hips” (as this is anatomically impossible).

Teachers pull from diverse backgrounds in yoga, rehabilitation or medical sciences (such as physical therapy), natural or functional movement, fascia release (self massage), and Functional Range Conditioning.

We aim to always honor the essence of the texts and roots of yoga, regardless of whether conventional yoga poses appear in classes.

In general, very little to no vinyasa style is taught.

In addition to yoga, we also teach a highly accessible, 20 minute weekly strength class that does not include meditation or savasana but serves as an excellent introduction for yoga practitioners to build strength using dumbbells or other external load.

What props do I need at home to join your classes?

We keep prop use minimal and creative. For most classes, you will want:
– 1-2 yoga blocks (full size, such as Manduka’s cork block, or recycled foam blocks). Sometimes a pillow will suffice.
– A blanket (or towel)

For fascia classes: we suggest a variety of balls, such as those from RAD (Recovery Rounds, Centre and green RAD Roller are our favorites)

Hips Happy Hour uses a chair without rungs. An ottoman, couch, bed or chair with rungs will also work

Mini-Strength sessions require weights or homemade weights. For example, a backpack with heavy books or a milkcrate with that juicer you own that is collecting dust. Resistance bands are occasionally used and are an easy sub for many of our dumbbell moves.

– OPTIONAL: for complex balance practices, a dowel or a wall nearby can help. If you own other yoga props such as bolsters, straps, or would like to have multiple blankets, towels, pillows, etc nearby to keep you comfortable, go for it.

How do I get access to the free trial?

Sign up for our monthly membership here. You will not be charged for 7 days. Cancel any time within that 7 days to avoid being charged.

I love the classes / membership /studio! I want to refer my friends to it!

Great! Here’s how to share your referral link (and earn credit for yourself in our studio):
– Sign in to
– From the left hand menu, click Refer & Earn
– Follow the instructions on that page and either share your personal link or add the email address or phone number of your friend

Members earn a FREE month for every friend who joins the membership for at least one month. (Email to claim)

How do I give a gift certificate to this studio?

Learn the gift certificate options here.

I have a lot of wrist pain. Are these classes appropriate for me?

Probably. However, please keep in mind that no group movement class will be fully accessible for all people. The majority of our classes frequently offer modifications or wrist-free options, and there is an entire section of classes tagged as “wrist-free” in our library.
We recommend trying out class, and reminding the teacher ahead of time that you need wrist modifications.

I may need extensive modifications. May I join class?

Everyone is welcome in our classes, regardless of physical needs.

However, please remember that group classes cannot be tailored and fully accessible to every single person’s individual needs. One on one sessions are available with our teachers by booking here:

If you have a major restriction such as inability to get on and off the floor, please send an email to before joining class with a brief description of your limitations, and the name / date of the class or classes you are most likely to take. We can notify the teacher, who can help you to decide whether the class is for you.

Do I need to download any software to join live classes?

Yes. Livestream classes are conducted via Zoom. You will need to have Zoom downloaded on your device to join classes live. (On demand classes require simply an internet connection and either a browser or the app).

Can I rent a single class from the On Demand Library?

Yes. Head to our On Demand Library page. Search, filter or scroll until you find the pre-recorded class, then rent it. You will have access to that class for 7 days.

I’d love to join the membership, but it’s a little much for my budget at this time

We understand! We have a few spots reserved for members who are on up to 50% scholarship. If this would enable you to join our membership, please email with subject line SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST, and give us 3 business days to respond.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our free trial, our sliding scale drop in rates and our 7 day class rentals (both can be as low as $5/class).

How do I change the credit card I have on file?

Sign in to
From the left hand menu, click My Account.
Under Card(s) on File, click “Add Card”.

I need to temporarily pause my membership

Not a problem. Send an email to with the subject line PAUSE MEMBERSHIP. In the body of the email, please list the date you would like the start and end date of the pause.
If your billing cycle ends on the 15th, but you pause on the 12th, you will have three more days to enjoy the membership once it is unpaused to enjoy studio access before you are billed again.
Please keep in mind we cannot pause a membership without an end date.
Please also keep in mind that it may take up to 72 hours to pause your membership, and you may be billed again during that time.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my membership

We’re sorry to see you go! Here’s how to cancel: Sign in to
From the left hand menu, click Memberships, then My Memberships.
Under Active Subscriptions, click “cancel auto-renewal” before the listed renewal date to avoid being charged. You will have access to the membership until final date for which you have already paid.