December 17, 2022

New Podcast Interview: How Our Obsession with Alignment is Causing Anxiety

Cover image for The Mentor Sessions Podcast featuring Dr. Ariele Foster on How to Respond to Students Who Want "Correct" Alignment

My most recent blog post, How Our Obsession with Yoga Alignment Misses the Point, is the product of a massive paradigm shift that was at least a decade and a half in the making.

Despite the indisputable fact that yoga helps many people, asana can cause harm, and is not universally “good”.

Yet the idea that asana simply needs to be cued to perfection to cause physical healing is deeply woven into the belief system of modern yoga.

To add nuance to this topic, I recently appeared on The Mentor Sessions podcast with my friend Francesca Cervero.

We discuss:

  • alignment perfectionism
  • the connection between alignment and anxiety on the mat
  • what students are really asking when they want to know if they are doing a pose correctly
  • the performative nature of alignment
  • how alignment can be a form of control by yoga teachers
  • how alignment relates to (or doesn’t relate to) posture and function and feeling

Francesca and I have slightly different perspectives, which enriches our conversation.

Click the link below to listen, and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

After you’ve listened to the episode Francesca and I want to hear how it landed with you! We’d love it if you took a screenshot of the episode and tagged us in your Instagram stories or on Facebook to tell us what your key takeaways are.

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