Chaturanga Clinic – WORKSHOP AUDIO and PDF


2 hours of live recorded audio from Dr. Ariele Foster’s signature yoga workshop “Chaturanga Clinic”

Refine your chaturanga to protect your shoulders for years of yoga practice to come.


2 hours of live audio recorded July 2016.

An essential pose of vinyasa yoga, chaturanga is actually incredibly advanced and complex.

Chaturanga dandasana has dubbed a “shoulder shredder” because even slightly sloppy form, over and over, class after class, does an unfortunate number on your tendons and muscles (rotator cuff, pecs and biceps) as well as the shoulder joint itself.
Consider this audio workshop a guiding beacon that will keep you healthy, happy and safe on the yoga mat for years to come.

Chaturanga Clinic is here for you!

– Steps to refine and build strength toward full, sustainable chaturanga
– Ramped up quality of transitions into and out of chaturanga
– Options for modifying the pose without dumbing it down (or losing out on strength building)

We will also playfully explore the jumpback from crow and uttanasana, and how to decide if it’s time.

What percent of the time is dedicated to asana practice?

The majority of this audio recording (2 hours) involves actual practice of different techniques for understanding safe chaturanga. The workshop is also sprinkled with a little bit of lecture (the “Why” we do what we do) and discussion/ Q+A.

What poses are included in this practice? Chaturanga dandasana and modifications and variations, including a sun salutation with a safe jump-back variation, consideration of the transition into chaturanga from plank, from chaturanga to cobra vs. upward facing dog.

Props:** A 1-2 blocks, a strap and blanket (and smooth floor) are helpful for this practice.

Instructor: Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. Her website is:

Audience: This workshop is geared toward all yogis. The asana portion is all-levels.

Length: 3 hours

Download Format: mp4 (converts to mp3), plays in iTunes and other major digital music players.

Props needed:

  • Yoga mat
  • One or two blocks
  • One blanket (if you have a smooth floor)
  • Yoga Strap

Price: Please keep in mind that the cost of the in-person workshop was $40, and unlike the in-person workshop, with this recording you will be able to practice along as many times as you like. We hope that you will find great value in it!

Continuing education credits: 2 CEUs for registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance US or UK, other entities per request

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Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Yoga Anatomy Academy and Dr. Ariele Foster release all indemnity for any harm caused by utilization of this recording.

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