Fluidity & Function WORKSHOP AUDIO

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WWAND: What would a ninja do? Yogis need to understand the concept of functional movement and how to bring it on to the mat. This workshop (audio recording) does the trick.


Function has become a trendy word in the yoga and fitness space. But what it means is different person to person. And “function” alone isn’t necessarily a positive driver of complete musculoskeletal well-being. 

In this audio recording of a live workshop, Dr. Ariele Foster (physical therapist, yoga teacher):

  • Unpacks the meaning of the word “function”,
  • Instructs “functional” movements that compliment a yoga practice, and will strengthen your yoga or movement teaching
  • Defines movement efficiency
  • Details how to incorporate functional mobility into a yoga class or practice, and into daily life
  • Explains her acronym “WWAND” (What would a ninja do?) 

This workshop is geared toward anyone wishing for better mobility for life, yoga teachers, and yoga students. 

Your purchase includes:

Two mp3 downloads (part 1 and part 2 of the workshop) totalling 3 hours of audio

PDF of Bulleted Action Points for concrete ways to incorporate function into your yoga practice or classes 

Your instructor, Dr. Ariele Foster, is a physical therapist, founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, and long time interdisciplinary yoga teacher.