Lumbar Spine, SI Joints and Pelvis Workshop – Audio



Description: This is live-recorded audio from “Yoga Anatomy Academy: the Lumbar Spine, SI Joints and Pelvis” Workshop recorded in October 2015 at Project Yoga Richmond. The workshop was developed and taught by Dr. Ariele Foster.

Part lecture, part practice and part discussion, this The Lumbar Spine, SI Joints, and Pelvis workshop is audio-friendly, and is one of a series of heart-centered, fun and meaningful anatomy workshops presented by Yoga Anatomy Academy. It is designed to elevate the anatomic and biomechanical understanding of yoga teachers and practitioners in a practical and functional way.

– Learn the bony structure as well as basic muscle, fascia and other soft tissue structures of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints.

– Make sense of the region’s biomechanics – the kinematics (visible movements) and some of the arthrokinematics (joint level movements) in the context of yoga asana and functional movement

– Explore the role of the lumbar spine and the sacrum in vinyasa, standing and seated poses

– Enhancing lumbopelvic stability for a variety of conditions, for a variety of bodies

– Preparing students and ourselves for true breakthroughs (physical, knowledge-based or other!)

– Walk away with new insights to apply to your own body and your teaching and keep your practice sustainable, and you health and happy.

This workshop is geared toward yoga teachers, but welcomes all dedicated yoga practitioners.

What percent of the time is dedicated to asana practice?

The majority of this audio recording (~2.5 hours out of 3 hours) involves lecture and discussion on the structure and function of the lumbar spine, pelvis and sacroiliac joints.

What poses are included in this practice? This workshop includes about 20 minutes of asana instruction, mostly floor-based, but also a handful of standing poses.

** A block and blanket are helpful for this practice.

Instructor: Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. Her website is:

Audience: This workshop is geared toward anatomy-curious yogis. The asana portion is all-levels.

Length: 3 hours

Download Format: mp4 (converts to mp3), plays in iTunes and other major digital music players.

Props needed:

  • Yoga mat
  • One block, One blanket
  • Optional: bolster to support you in simple supine twist

Price: Please keep in mind that the cost of the in-person workshop was $45, and is offered here on a affordable scale that to be widely accessible ($10 per hour of instruction). With this recording you will be able to practice along as many times as you like, as well as with a friend. We hope that you will find great value in it!


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Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Yoga Anatomy Academy and Dr. Ariele Foster release all indemnity for any harm caused by utilization of this recording.