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a note from Ariele:

Ashley and I met in 2006, and though we have never lived in the same city, have shared so much love for each other from afar…getting together occasionally (most recently Ashley joined my retreat in Guatemala) with tremendous giggles, hugs, and joy.

A natural educator, Ashley has been studying sexuality and orgasm mastery for over 20 years. Her storytelling will make you gasp, giggle, and also instantly feel comfortable. (I witnessed more than one mother / daughter duo engaged in her stories and asking wild questions without a hint of blushing.)

We are currently planning a retreat based on Science and Sexuality for April/May of 2019, likely in Bali.

This retreat will include Dr. Foster’s anatomy-based yoga asana practices — with an emphasis on specialized therapeutic practices for the pelvic region (hips and low back included), and Ashley’s skillful meditations. We will both share lectures — mine on the science and anatomy of the pelvic floor and Ashley’s on the skills and techniques to live your juiciest life.

This retreat aims to empower, to increase self-awareness (svadyaya), and to improve our understanding of both the science and anatomy of yoga therapeutics, but also to increase our awareness of Tantra in daily life. Tantra honors the divine in the world that we can see and touch.

What really tickles me about this retreat is how different Ashley and I are, and yet how much fun we have together. We welcome nerds and sensuality goddesses alike, skeptics and believers. We are committed to sharing and learning in a way that is incredibly fun 🙂

If you might be interested, please fill out this form (your information will not be shared with any one else) – you will be the first to know when we have a location and dates set:

To learn more about Ashley, founder of Berkeley’s Yoni Temple, and why I think she’s so great, check out


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