Posterior Chain Awakening – WORKSHOP AUDIO with PDF (CEUs)


Our Posterior Chain Awakening audio workshop aims to improve yogis’ capacity to incorporate intelligent strengthening of our glutes (all three!), lower back muscles, scapular retractors and depressors, and even calves. Save your hips, your back and your knee all by incorporating better awareness of the “posterior chain” into your asana practice.

Includes 2 hours of audio, and a PDF asana guide.



Posterior Chain Awakening AKA Glutes of Glory: A firey yoga workshop

“For too long, yogis have “softened” their backsides. “Softening the glutes” overrides natural muscular engagement, and has created an epidemic of weak gluteal muscles in yoga practitioners, and contributed to hip pain and hip impingement.

Clinicians describe “posterior chain weakness” as overdominance of the quadriceps muscles and hip flexors, with poor strength in the gluteal muscles and hamstrings and sometimes the back. However, weakened glutes may even lead to back pain since the smaller muscle fibers alongside your spine must work so much harder to keep you upright.

Unfortunately most modern yoga asana threatens to reinforce exactly these patterns with its excessive quad and hip flexor strengthening.

Our task is to awaken all dormant glutesmedius, minimus and maximus. Once awakened, we will learn to engage them on the mat, and in our lives off the mat, using a series of drills, re-interpretation of asana and functional movement.

In the process, we’ll aim to discern between:

Natural movement that doesn’t fit into the clean, geometric cues sometimes inherent to the study of asana

– and –

Poor movement habits (from too much sitting!) that benefit from precision cues (and DO need over-riding)

(As a companion to this workshop, we also recommend reading this blog post: “A Wake Up Call for Your Posterior Chain” and watching this YouTube video)


What percent of the time is dedicated to asana practice?

This audio recording (2 hours) is approximately 40-50% discussion / lecture with the rest asana practice. This is not a “yoga class”. It is a continuing education class, ideal for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students.


Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. She is an advocate for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. Her personal website is: 


This workshop is geared toward yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students, but the poses are appropriate for all levels with good body awareness.


Approximately 2 hours

Download Format:

  • 1 mp3, which will play in iTunes and other major digital music players
  • PDF with Images of asana taught in workshop and more!

Price: Please keep in mind that the cost of the in-person workshop was $35 + tax. Unlike the in-person workshop, with this recording you will be able to review as many times as you like. We hope that you will find great value in it!

Continuing education credits: Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers who complete this workshop are eligible for 2 hours of Yoga Alliance-approved CEU non-contact hours. Other registration entities may also offer credit. Please reach out to those organizations individually.

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Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Yoga Anatomy Academy and Dr. Ariele Foster release all indemnity for any harm caused by use of this recording.