Principles of Sequencing – Audio Workshop with PDFs


Our Principles of Sequencing audio workshop aims to remove the mystery surrounding intelligent, anatomy-based sequencing, and imbue greater value to your home practice, set apart your teaching, and magnetize students back for more.

Includes 3 hours of audio, four PDF sequences and images from the workshop white boards.


This is an audio workshop – recorded with a live audience at Project Yoga Richmond in October 2016


A well-sequenced yoga class or workshop is easy to recognize: you walk away lighter, enlivened and expanded. You might embody a pose that you previously thought was impossible, or realize later that you were suspended in a flow state throughout.

How do you replicate such extraordinary experiences with your own students or home practice?

This workshop will remove the mystery surrounding intelligent, anatomy-based sequencing. 

Learn to create effective and authentic (to you or your yoga background), well-rounded yoga classes, home practices and workshops. Treating each moment of practice like a precious drop of nectar is easy once you have a solid sequencing strategy.

This workshop is bound to result in more refined, creative, seamless and sumptuous sequences that will imbue greater value into your personal practice, set apart your teaching, and magnetize students coming back for more.

Pair Poses Like Good Wine with Cheese. Become an asana sommelier.  

(As a companion to this workshop, we also recommend reading this blog post: “Three Elements of Intelligent Sequencing”)


What percent of the time is dedicated to asana practice?

The majority of this audio recording (3 hours) is discussion / lecture with a sprinkling of asana practice. This is not a “yoga class”. It is a continuing education class, ideal for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students.

Instructor: Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. Her personal website is:

Audience: This workshop is geared toward yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students.

Length: Approximately 3 hours

Download Format:

  • 2 mp3’s, which play in iTunes and other major digital music players
  • 4 PDFs of sequences (for Naginyasana, Natarajasana, Surya Yantrasana, and SI joint stabilizing)
  • 4 Images from workshop white boards

Price: Please keep in mind that the cost of the in-person workshop was $50. Unlike the in-person workshop, with this recording you will be able to review as many times as you like. We hope that you will find great value in it!

Continuing education credits: 3 CEUs for registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance US, other entities per request

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Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Yoga Anatomy Academy and Dr. Ariele Foster release all indemnity for any harm caused by utilization of this recording.