Spacious Side Body (Side Stretch Audio Yoga Class – 1 hour)


A delicious hour-long yoga audio practice to stretch your side body.


Don’t lean in, don’t lean out. Lean to the side.

Popular yoga asana emphasizes powerful lengtheners for the front and back body, and in our daily lives we most often dwell in this front/back sagittal plane of movement.

Let’s spice it up in a practiced designed to decompress, and create length and space in your side body.

Side body lengthening can be powerful to relieve back pain, deepen twists and backbends, and allow for greater expansiveness in our lungs (more prana = more life force!). Sidebends recruit shoulder stabilizing muscles and deep core layers that you might not even know exist.

This practice is a sweet invitation for more opening and buoyancy in our physical beings.

All levels

What percent of the time is dedicated to asana practice?

This audio recording is mostly asana! There’s a tiny bit of talk about the importance of side bending, and then a solid 1 hour practice.

Instructor: Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. Her website is:

Audience: This yoga asana class is appropriate for all levels.

Length: 1 hour

Download Format:  mp3, plays in iTunes and other major digital music players.

Props needed:

  • Yoga mat

Price: Please keep in mind that this class was taught live at a festival, and is offered here an a affordable price to be widely accessible. With this recording you will be able to practice it portably along as many times as you like, as well as with a friend. We hope that you will find great value in it!

You can also watch and take this entire class on YouTube for FREE :). This audio download simply allows you to have it portable on your phone or anywhere you may not have internet. (please give it some Likes and “Subscribe” to our channel).