Way of the Happy Fascia, Myofascial Release Workshop – Audio / PDF Handout



Description: This is live-recorded audio from Way of the Happy Fascia in October 2015. Way of the Happy Fascia is a yoga-inspired self-myofascial release workshop developed and taught by Dr. Ariele Foster.

Using simply 2 tennis balls in a tube sock, learn to unravel tension from your toes to your ears along myofascial lines and meridians (long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that contract and adhere from habitual movement and posture). Unwind and release muscle trigger points and fascial adhesions to experience profound freedom in your body as well as increased ease in your asana practice and beyond.

This workshop fuses trigger point release, fascial release, restorative aspects of yoga and simple breath-based mindfulness. The result is an enhanced capacity to release tension, ultimately where no ordinary yoga practice will take you – deep into your fascial layer.

It’s also sprinkled with relevant science, general questions on healing and the practice of physical therapy from participants, yoga philosophy and humor.

“Thank you, Ariele, so much for the workshop. I learned a ton and two of my problem areas (left hip, right shoulder) have already opened up. I feel like I have a new body.” – Michael, June 2017

What is fascia? Fascia is found throughout the body, from the plantar fascia of the feet to the scalp. It shows up as dense sheaths (like the Iliotibial band / IT Band) as well as cotton-candy-like fuzz that can build up and prevent proper gliding between physical structures.

What poses are included in this practice? This workshop includes Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog and Uttanasana / forward standing fold as simple means of measuring the changes we are bringing about with the self-myofascial release. You will not receive asana instruction.

** Please hydrate well before and after taking this workshop.

Instructor: Your teacher, Ariele, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy, a long time yoga teacher and anatomy of yoga instructor, as well as founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. Her website is:

Audience: This is an all-levels workshop, geared toward anyone who can get on and off the floor: from athletes to couch potatoes. If you have a body, it will be happier after following along with this myofascial release workshop. No previous experience is required.

Length: 2 hours

Download Format: mp3, plays in iTunes and other major digital music players.

Props needed:

  • Yoga mat or carpet on the floor;
  • Either 1) two tennis balls tightly tied at the toe end of a tube sock or 2) something like Rad Rollers or lacrosse balls
  • Optional: blanket to sit on or create more friction with the tennis balls

Myofascial Release tools referenced in the class: Stillpoint inducer, Rubz Ball (ideal for feet / plantar fascia), Rad Roller tools like the original duo (we suggest you try the softest one first)

BONUS: with your purchase of this workshop, you’ll receive not only the 2 hour audio recording, but also a PDF with hand-drawn images of the placement for the two tennis balls for the feet, shins, calves, posterior and anterior thighs, gluteal region, pubic symphysis, paraspinals and pec major / minor.

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Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Yoga Anatomy Academy and Dr. Ariele Foster release all indemnity for any harm caused by utilization of this recording.