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Join us for Yoga Anatomy Academy’s Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship, thought-provoking 12-module program to understand anatomy in direct application to your teaching or practice.

Whether you are a student of yoga, a yoga teacher, an anatomy newbie, or a certified “anatomy nerd”, this program will expand your nuanced understanding of the human body.

We use make complex material relevant and digestible to your time on the mat.

Why Study Yoga Anatomy?

Do you see yourself teaching or practicing hatha yoga (yoga asana and more) in 10, 20, or 30 years?

Fabulous. Then you’ll understand our two-fold inspiration:

One, we believe that if you teach yoga asana, even if is just one part of your profession, knowing anatomy is eventually – if not always – essential. Knowledge of anatomy is invaluable to your own physical well-being as well as vital, career-enriching goodness. It’s also a sure sign to your students that you care deeply.

Two, the ancient yogic lineage of mentorship and community has been supplanted by in-and-out teacher trainings and one-off workshops (both of which can also be lovely. However…). These tend to leave teachers and dedicated students adrift. We believe that the format of longer-term, “dripped” information, with ongoing access to a highly qualified mentor (a doctor of physical therapy and 2 decade plus yoga teacher), allows yogis to better integrate new concepts and sustain steady inspiration.

We believe that learning should be fun. The best learning happens with guidance and accountability, in community where other anatomy-curious yogis will ask the best questions (as they go through the program materials at their own pace!).


Yogis, you don’t have to be an expert at all things.

You don’t even have to be an “expert” at anatomy to be a kick-ass asana teacher. But you do want to know enough to see students’ bodies and teach with confidence. Participation in this mentorship is an investment in the longevity and quality of your career and your physical well-being.

“Being able to watch the dog & do this training at the same time is awesome.”

How We’ll Learn

  • Weekly modules contain multiple short, bite-sized video lectures, mostly averaging 10 minutes or less. This will mean you can go through the mentorship materials while on lunch break, between yoga classes, in small chunks throughout your day easily wherever you go. Although streamlined, it is a lot of material, so this is a HUGE plus!   
  • Each module contains at a non-graded mini-quiz to help seal in your knowledge
  • Whenever you have questions, comments, concerns, you can post them to our group discussion area 
  • During live “office hours”, get deeper level, enriched information from your mentor, allowing you to integrate intelligent anatomy into your yoga practice and teaching in real time, with support.

Office Hours

Office hours is a live, gathering open to all mentees from all time. In addition to discussing information from the modules, we discuss other topics related to movement science, teaching yoga, trauma-sensitivity, and occasionally host guest teachers. 

Throwback to mentee squeeze at Floyd Yoga Jam

These gatherings encourage active participation, discussion, and clarification. All sessions will be recorded so you may join live or watch later.

What if I can’t attend live? How will I be able to interact?

You’ll also have access to an exclusive online mentoring membership discussion group (including non-Facebook option), perfect for posting questions in as they come up (during and beyond the mentorship), and getting answers quickly AND searching to see if anyone else has asked a similar question.

As a novice yoga teacher I knew it was my responsibility to learn more about the body to keep my students and myself safe. This mentorship filled a big gap in my anatomy knowledge and even gave me the confidence to lead basic anatomy trainings for new teacher trainees. This mentorship is well worth the investment.” – Kasia Galicia, yoga teacher and fitness instructor Chicago / Washington, DC

Lifetime Access / What if I can’t finish in 12 weeks?

There is a LOT of material in this mentorship.

Registration for this program gives you Lifetime Access to all of the materials, the live calls and to the online forum. For as long as Yoga Anatomy Academy exists, you will have access to updated slides, recordings, manuals, etc, without ever paying a penny more.

Review as many times as you need, at a pace that works for your unique learning style.

Our mentorship is the HEART of what we do at Yoga Anatomy Academy, and our mentees are our VIPs (with first dibs on teaching on our online platform and assisting at live events). 

I wanted to let you know how fantastic I have found Yoga Anatomy Academy and your instruction to be! I am so appreciative to see an experienced teacher that is persistent in the face of all the pressure in DC to conform to bendy/face-paced yoga.  And I have learned so much!! 😊💜” – Megan D., Yoga Teacher and Athlete

Why Study With Us?

Here at Yoga Anatomy Academy, we have an old-fashioned philosophy that amazing teachers are first curious students. We believe in the extraordinary art of mentorship. We believe that by helping to “re-fill the cup” of 1 yoga teacher (or student, or yoga teacher-to-be), we can positively impact hundreds of students, family and friends.

Thanks for challenging me to be inquisitive and curious about the way we teach yoga!” – Alisha L., former yoga studio owner, Specialist in Prenatal Yoga

We take an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching yoga anatomy and welcome practitioners of all styles of yoga. We take pride in providing a safe environment (where there are no stupid questions), where you will be challenged and supported. 

Also – we are not new to teaching online. We’ve been offering high quality, online education since 2013, and offering this online mentorship since 2015.

Your Mentor

Dr. Ariele Foster, photo credit,


Your mentor is Dr. Ariele Foster, a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), who has treated thousands of musculoskeletal, fascial and nervous system conditions, has taught yoga for nearly 20 years and studied multiple yoga traditions in depth (including living at Kripalu).

Just for good measure, her grandmother was also a yoga teacher.

Ariele is the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy. She has graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia, created and taught two online courses with Yoga Journal “Fascia Release for Yoga” and “Yoga for 3D Hip Stability”, led workshops and yoga retreats internationally, presented the main yoga practice for Wanderlust Festival’s 108 triathalon (first year it was in Washington DC), taught anatomy for multiple yoga teacher trainings and for Vesselify (formerly — Amy Ippoliti’s continuing education site). Ariele has been sponsored by Athleta, KiraGrace, LaraBar and Toesox.

She continues to teach weekly (now online!) yoga classes, and to treat patients at her private clinic in Washington, DC.


Here’s what one mentorship participant had to say:

You know your stuff inside and out“. – Carri U., Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

And another:

Time just flew by! I really enjoyed how you put in such a way that everything was easy to follow and made so much sense!

Join this mentorship  for whole-hearted, thoughtful, and inclusive answers to some of the top dilemmas of yoga asana.

(Keep scrolling for the weekly breakdown)

What’s included:

* Access to all 12 modules (30+ hours of content)
* Each module includes multiple videos (3-20 minutes each), short quizzes to test your knowledge, some PDFs. Some include audio or video asana class to reinforce your knowledge, and more
* 24 hr access to discussion groups to get any of your anatomy questions answered
* Weekly email reminders if you wish to stay on track to complete the course work in 12 weeks
* Monthly live “Office Hours” all of which are recorded and added to the course platform (up to 12 hours of video content, and access to past office hours – many many more)
* Bonus anatomy workshop audio recording
* Forever Access to materials

I mean…it’s good.

I was lucky enough to attend Mark Stephens 300 hour teacher training this past August and the Yoga Anatomy Academy was a perfect primer for his anatomy focused instruction. I felt super well prepared and got so much more out of it because I had so much background with you. Thanks again for that wonderful source of learning!” – Ellie Clark, yoga teacher

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12-Week Mentorship Break-Down

A general overview of what topics we’ll cover when.

Module 1: Introduction and Orientation

Before the official module section begins, learn or re-learn basic anatomic terminology, including how to verbally orient to the body when in different positions, the language of movement (internal rotation, extension, etc), and basic understanding of joints and muscle cells. You’ll also learn helpful study hints and ways to integrate the teachings of each module into your body, your practice and your classes.

Module 2: The Spine and the Core

Week 1 covers the basics of the vertebral spine, from a brief overview of the cervical spine (more on that in the Neck Module), to the thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine. This week reveals which segments contribute to which movements and serves as a foundation for more nuanced conversation to come. Also this week, we’ll begin to explore the “core capsule” concept, and how to utilize its principles for more powerful asana practice immediately.

Module 3: SI Joints and Pelvis

Week 2 builds on the core capsule concept, then reviews the anatomy of the sacroiliac joints and the pelvis, going into rich detail about the pelvis’s relationship with the lumbar spine above and the legs below. Learn more about the role of the pelvic floor to a healthy core.

Module 4: Hips

Review the two deepest and biggest joints in the body, how they become vulnerable due to lifestyle or repetitive movement and how healthy habits in these powerful joints can support the knees below and the SI joints and the low back above.

Module 5: Knees

The knees serve as a powerful hinge joint that can propel us forward, but which also need a measure of joint play to adapt, or else be subject to injury. Know the difference between healthy stress to the knee and damaging stress.

Module 6: Feet and Ankles

Our feet are our foundation. Get grounded with a deep understanding of the role of our feet and ankles in maintaining balance, supporting healthy knees and backs, absorbing shock, and creating powerful (evidence-based) psychological support during times of stress.

Module 7: Shoulders

When examining yoga injuries, the shoulders are the second-most likely body part to be hurt in yoga asana (the low back is number one). Some common cues about shoulder positioning in yoga asana are just plain unhealthy, and this module explains why.

Module 8: Wrists and Elbows

Yogis place more weight through their hands than most modern movers. The wrists are one of the first body parts to complain. How do we repeatedly put pressure through our hands even though these joints are not designed for weight bearing?

Module 9: The Neck

Returning full circle to the spine, achy necks are a modern plague. Often related to tight shoulders, restricted breathing or low back dysfunction, an achy neck isn’t only a problem in headstand. We’ll discuss the myriad ways in which yoga asana can contribute to or heal neck pain.

Module 10: Respiration and the Nervous System

The nervous system and the power of full breathing and respiration will come up multiple times over this course. This week ties up loose ends to allow full understanding of how the nervous system is more fully a part of our “tight muscles” and our breath patterns than commonly recognized.

Module 11: Fascia

Fascia is a complex network affecting and affected by every system in the body. This frontier of body-mind wellness will be examined and explored through the lens of yoga asana and pranayama.

Module 12: Integration

If there is one thing I’ve learned from leading anatomy workshops for the last 5 years, it’s that there’s always more to learn and there’s never enough time. This week is an intentional opportunity to dive deeper into areas where we need to shine more light and to practice further integrating the knowledge into our bodies, our teachings and our lives.

Prior to the roll-out of the formal modules, you’ll have access to a video explaining the “10 Principles of Anatomy Informed Yoga”. Those principles will be our guiding force throughout the mentorship, helping to frame questions and conversations.

Here’s a sneak-peak at the interface we’ll be using, where you can track your progress, and easily go back to the sections that you want to review:

The material is made accessible for you to delve in on your own time. The best part — you can go back to it any time so you can review year after year!” 

Dates + Times:

Once a month Live meetings will typically occur on a weekday afternoon, Eastern Time (New York), but will vary and are subject to change.

Ariele is extremely supportive. Having live calls and a this kind of access to such a highly qualified and certified professional is unheard of.” – Carri Uranga, Drishti Yoga Teacher Training

Continuing Education Credits

Officially 30 non-contact hour (all hours count as contact hours through 2021) CEUs are available for Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Actual total hours of content included is much more than 30!

Bodyworkers and other movement professionals – please inquire with your licensing agency and coordinate with to find out if this program can count toward your continuing education. 

12-Week Modules. In Depth. Comprehensive Anatomy for Yoga Teachers. By far it has been the best yoga-related training I have ever participated in. Thank you from my heart Dr. Ariele Foster for your online mentorship at Yoga Anatomy Academy!” – Sara T. Moore

What do I need to participate in this mentorship?

You will need regular internet access and we recommend 2-3 dedicated hours weekly for study if you wish to complete the coursework portion of the mentorship in 12 weeks (you can also go at your own pace).

We highly recommend scheduling a regular time in your calendar to learn and study prior to our live calls, whether or not you wish to complete the program within 12 weeks.

Payment Plans

Yes, we will have a Payment Plan Option (3 payments of $333, every 4 weeks), please click the link below:

You can tell Ariele has put her heart and soul into this program!


We can provide a refund up to 14 days after the start of our program if you are unsatisfied, and have met the following requirements: 1) completed all of the module segments, 2) completed all worksheets and quizzes with associated content.

When do I get access?

I’m joining! What do I need to know?

You’ll get access to Module 1 on Friday September 17th, the official start date of the mentorship.

Please note: Participation in this program is subject to our Terms & Conditions.


  • Join by Friday September 17th at midnight ET and get a FREE Month membership to our online yoga / movement studio (a $30 value)
    • Start date of your free month can be any time from your join date to December 5th, 2021)
  • Those who joined by September 12th receive 2 months free membership in our online studio ($60 value)
  • Those who joined by September 3rd receive 2 months free membership in our online studio ($60 value) AND a choice of bonus course (value $60)


Application for scholarships for BIPOC and other underrepresented folks is now closed due to a high volume of applicants.

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