February 17, 2024

The Valentine’s gift your *Hips* wish you got them

Earlier this week, I threw as much evidence-based information as possible into the free-but-sold out webinar about hip pain and yoga, “Hip Stability is the New Hip Opening”. 

I backed up my claims with citations. 

I spoke about nuance and bias. (For example, does “yoga” hurt people or is it the mindset and paradigm of ignoring evidence within the yoga community that causes harm?). 

Watch the replay at this link.

400 of you signed up, and many others probably wanted to join. 

You showed up live and told me about your

  • hip pain in yoga,
  • hip popping,
  • chronic hamstring strain,
  • femoroacetabular impingement,
  • labral tears,
  • hip osteoarthritis,
  • SI joint issues,
  • and hip replacements.

All of the conditions above are a spectrum.

I also confessed my own hip injury — a major one — that 9 years ago this month had me anesthetized on an operating table.  

“Why are people who practice a healing arts form (yoga) hurting so much?”, you may ask. 

As a physio, an injured human, and a yoga practitioner, I have studied this question like it is my job* for nearly a decade. *It is my job. 

The last time I put all of my comprehensive notes on this topic into a live course format was August 2022. 

But on Monday — February 19th — my Hip Therapeutics Small Group Series, this comprehensive online course, convenes again. We will meet live for 4 Mondays in a row (7:30pm ET), with homework in between (taking the Yoga for 3D Hip Stability on demand course) in a small group setting. 

We will:

✨ Assess and measure where you are today. 

✨ Use that information to guide you out of discomfort or annoyance or hopefully pain. 

✨ Make the necessary changes — maybe including shifts in lifestyle, shifts in movement practices, shifts in asana practice. 

✨ Draw a new roadmap for fortifying our hips over the months to come. 

Beware of anyone promising their system will take away pain. I do not make false promises. That is sheer arrogance.  

There are so many charlatans in the movement / fitness / workout space, and even physio space sometimes making insane claims. It really gets my goat. 

Pain is complex! Strength takes time! But this program is backed up by evidence and experience. 

Just this week, I listened to a podcast by a well respected yoga teacher whose information on hip strengthening was deeply insufficient — yet delivered with extraordinary confidence. No sources. No comprehensive plan. No overview of where you are, and where you want to go. Just more annoying perfectionism on the mat. #TrustMeBro vibes 

Before this note turns in a manifesto, let me just say:

This Hips series is really good and is VERY likely to help whoever joins. 

It’s less than the cost of the first two 1 hour physical therapy sessions with me. 

It includes 12 hours of information that I share regularly with patients who do not also have recordings they can go back to. 

If I had access to this course 10 years ago, I am convinced that I could have avoided surgery. 

It kind of breaks my heart thinking about that. 

But I can share this information now. 

Spots are limited, as it is a small group, so I do not recommend hesitating about signing up. 

If you are unsure whether this series is for you:

  1. Watch the replay 
  2. Review the program page:
  3. Take some of the Hips Happy Hour classes in our On Demand Library (free 7 day trial):
  4. Book a 15 minute free consult with me through my physio booking site. (I just added some hours)
  5. Consider jumping in to the on demand portion ASAP by signing up for Yoga for 3D Hip Stability. It’s 6 hours on demand, and if you watch it and decide Sunday night or Monday morning that you want to “upgrade” to the live sessions, simply pay the $100 difference for even better targeted information and the ability to pick my brain. 
  6. Sign up for the wait list for the next time (which might be a long wait!) 

Hopefully your hips are feeling amazing, and you don’t need any of this. But maybe you know someone who does? Please forward to any friends who do yoga and experience tightness, pain or popping.

To your hip health,  

Ariele (PT, DPT, CYT-500), founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy

P.S. Don’t worry! Yoga Anatomy Academy will be back talking about things other than hips in the near future

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