November 23, 2017

Knowing Anatomy Totally Changes Your Yoga Teaching (Podcast Alert! + Freebies)

Ariele Foster, Podcast, Francesca Cervero, Yoga, Yoga Anatomy
Yoga Anatomy Podcast, Ariele Foster, Francesca Cervero, Physical Therapist

Talking Yoga Anatomy on Podcasts is Kind of Our Jam.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a busy travel holiday, with loads of folks driving long distances to connect with family. If you are appreciating a relaxing long weekend or spending time in a moving vehicle, I hope that you’ll enjoy this chat:

Francesca Cervero is a beloved Washington, DC-area yoga teacher, teacher of yoga teachers and most recently: podcast creator. Francesca interviewed me (Dr. Ariele Foster) for her incredible new podcast, The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers. (And it happened to be recorded on the 5 year anniversary of our friendship on Facebook!). 

Although the title is similar to another recent podcast I did, I promise the two conversations are different (and both worthy!). Francesca asked me great questions about:

  • How to know – in the moment – whether we may be causing injury on the mat
  • What anatomy-based sequencing looks like (hint: this, this, or this)
  • Strength-based asana, and the difference between passive and active range of motion

There’s more

We also review my 10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga, and the shocking reality that yoga teachers are not 100% capable of preventing injury on the mat in group classes.

Where, then, does our responsibility lie? Should we just give up on learning anatomy? Although I suspect you know my answer to that second question, well, I hope you’ll listen to the podcast to find out my thoughts anyway.


As you’ll hear, I reference a few giveaways in the podcast, and here they are again for your convenience:

SEQUENCE for Surya Yantrasana (Sundial or Compass Pose)

SEQUENCE for Naginyasana (Mermaid Pose)

10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga

You have to hear this

Another absolute MUST-LISTEN podcast is The Mentor Sessions Episode 2, where Francesca drops some major #WisdomBombs about presence, discernment, and the million shades of gray that show up when you try to teach this thing called yoga. Spoiler alert: there’s often no right, nor wrong when it comes to teaching and time on the mat. 


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