April 29, 2018

Balancing the Science & the Mystery in Yoga

Teaching anatomy for yoga practitioners is about much more than relaying the nuts and bolts (muscles and bones). In order to understand anatomy in the context of the vastness of yoga, we must understand how yoga, yoga classes, and yoga teaching influence bodies and fit in to a larger conversation about the intersection of yoga and movement science. This richer undercurrent is present in everything we do at Yoga Anatomy Academy, and very much in the two conversations below.  

Julian Walker, founder of the Freedom Becomes You podcast and Yoga Teacher Grad School, exemplifies someone who is enamored with both spirit, the unknown (the “Mystery”), and science.

He was kind enough to interview me twice for his thoughtful podcast. The resulting conversations are so good.

In the first of the episodes, we relate about: 

  • Letting go of the idea of an ultimate truth 
  • 10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga 
  • Alternatives to the cue “Listen to Your Body”
  • Why Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists can’t fix All The Things (and this should give you great relief) 
  • Less dogma, more strengthening
  • Motion is lotion
  • Risk inherent in asana
  • and I give away the PDF to the 10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga at the end 

Listen in here:

Yoga Teacher Grad School

The second episode is for his Yoga Teacher Grad School and contains distilled experience about:

  • Why new yoga teachers should say YES to everything
  • The pain that led me to my path
  • The consequences of not listening to your own inner agency
  • Tiny anatomy nugget: Stop with the shoulderblades back and down
  • Why you shouldn’t go to physical therapy school to be a better yoga teacher* 
  • How other disciplines do a better job of encouraging multi-modal, multi-faceted approach (as opposed to the historically sectarian, authority-figure, camp tendencies of yoga)
  •  The briefest ever overview of my 10 Principles of Anatomy-Informed Yoga
  • a very generous giveaway

You can find that episode here:

Julian Walker Freedom becomes you yoga teacher grad school yoga science

If you are reading this, you are probably a lover of science, too. I hope these conversations help you to find greater balance between science & mystery on the mat and beyond. 

As always, I welcome your comments below. If you have any more nuanced questions you’d like me to answer in podcast form, share those below, too. 

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